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Are Montgomery Accident Victims More Likely to Get Legal Help?

After a motor vehicle collision, victims experience financial and non-economic costs including loss of wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, private insurance companies pay for approximately 50 percent of the costs associated with losses from motor vehicle collisions. Crash victims end up covering around 26 percent of the costs of motor vehicle accidents and the remaining losses are paid by taxpayers, by charities or by healthcare providers. car fire

Unfortunately, a personal injury lawyer knows that it can be a challenge for victims to actually receive the money they need from insurance companies. In fact, a report from the American Association for Justice shows that major insurers throughout the United States have developed entire business models around denying victims coverage for losses that insurance should pay for. These insurance companies use the 3 D’s to prevent victims from getting their losses covered. The 3 D’s stand for delaying payment of claims; denying covered claims; and defending vigorously against any accusations that the insurance company should be paying more.

Victims need to get help standing up to big insurance companies in order to have their financial damages covered by insurance after a collision. Fortunately, a report from the Insurance Research Council suggests that more victims are actually getting the help that they need from qualified attorneys after accidents occur.

More Accident Victims Getting Legal Help After Collisions

According to the Insurance Research Council, only 17 percent of personal injury protection (PIP) claimants got help making a claim from an insurance company back in 1977. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of PIP claimants who recognize that they need help and who seek legal representation. In 2007, 31 percent of crash victims making a personal injury protection claim had a lawyer. In 2012, the number of claimants represented by an attorney had grown to 36 percent.

The number of people getting help making a bodily injury claim has also increased, although not by as much because a good number of bodily injury claimants have always had legal representation. In 2007, 49 percent of people making a bodily injury claim had an attorney. By 2012, this number had reached 50 percent of claimants.

The Insurance Research Council seems to suggest that it is a bad thing that more people are getting legal help to protect themselves. The IRC points to the fact that it can take longer for victims to get paid damages as evidence of why victims are hurt by hiring a lawyer.

In reality, however, one tactic that insurance companies frequently use is to make a very low settlement offer to plaintiffs when they are first injured and need compensation. Plaintiffs may be pressured to accept this low negotiated settlement and give up their rights to sue. This can result in a victim receiving far less money than is necessary to cover losses. It is much better for a victim to have a slight delay in getting paid, but to actually get the money he needs for his motor vehicle collision damages.

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Montgomery Drivers Should Follow the Golden Rules of Driver Safety

Officials from the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (F.I.A.) were nearly injured or killed in a recent motor vehicle collision, according to the New York Times. The F.I.A. is the parent organization of road clubs throughout the world and is the organization responsible for overseeing the motor sports industry. The F.I.A. officials were stopped on the side of the road changing a tire when they noticed a vehicle barreling towards their rental car. They were able to get out of the way just moments before the back of the rental vehicle was struck. cars

A personal injury attorney knows that if the driver who hit the stopped rental car on the side of the road had been paying more careful attention and surveying the road before him, the incident may have been avoided. According to the New York Times, looking ahead for potential road obstacles is one tip provided by professional drivers who are members of the F.I.A. The F.I.A. has also prepared more advice for motorists to help reduce the number of deadly accidents occurring.

The 10 Golden Rules for Road Safety

The F.I.A. views the number of motor vehicle collisions as similar to a worldwide epidemic of disease. Each year, around 1.3 million people are killed in traffic collisions worldwide and another 50 million people get hurt in accidents. By 2020, estimates suggest that there will be around two million people killed in traffic accidents every single year.

Many of these collisions are caused by bad driving, and could be prevented if drivers followed basic safety rules. The F.I.A. has identified 10 Golden Rules for motorists to follow including:

  • Always buckling their seat belts, both when driving and when riding as a passenger.
  • Always wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle, bicycle or other similar type of vehicle.
  • Checking both tire pressure and tire tread regularly to ensure that the vehicle’s tires are properly inflated and not too worn. Worn or under inflated tires can lead to a blow-out that results in a collision. Most cars today have sensors and drivers are alerted when the tires need air, but tires should still be checked manually on a periodic basis.
  • Respecting the rules of the road whenever motorists are behind the wheel operating their vehicles.
  • Driving sober at all times and never getting behind the wheel after consuming drugs or alcoholic beverages.
  • Staying focused on the road at all times. Motorists should avoid distractions such as cellular phones and other electronic devices.
  • Avoiding driving while fatigued. Drivers should get sufficient rest and should stop their vehicles and pull over when they become too tired to drive safely.
  • Showing other motorists courtesy and respect at all times when on the road.

Ironically, the New York Times reports that the F.I.A. officials had a trunk full of brochures with the 10 Golden Rules on them at the time when their accident occurred. If every motorist would make a commitment to follow these rules, hopefully collisions could be reduced and more people’s lives could be saved.

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