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Mobile, Alabama Police Officer Involved in T-Bone Crash

According to Local 15 TV, a Mobile police officer and another driver are currently recovering from a violent auto accident that occurred at the start of rush hour on a Friday afternoon in early June. The accident was a T-bone crash, which are considered to be among the most deadly type of car accidents.

Our Mobile injury lawyers know that T-bone accidents are especially dangerous for several reasons. Both the fact that cars have limited ability to absorb the blow of the accident and the limitations on protecting drivers from side-impact crashes mean that many people involved in T-bone accidents suffer serious harm or even lose their lives.

T-Bone Accident in Mobile Alabama

According to Local 15 TV, the crash involving the Mobile police officer occurred while the officer was driving west on Highway 90. A Gold Toyota Tacoma was heading east at the same time. The Tacoma crossed over the westbound lane of the highway and the officer’s vehicle collided with the Tacoma.

Both the police officer and the Tacoma driver involved in the crash had to be transported to the hospital after the incident. The driver of the Tacoma was transported to USA Medical Center and the officer was taken to Springhill Medical Center. Reports in the evening following the crash indicated that neither the Tacoma driver nor the police officer had sustained life-threatening injuries.

That both drivers were able to avoid deadly injuries was very good news because the crash was described as a violent one and because T-bone accidents are so often deadly.

In fact, according to The New York Times, a 2011 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Study revealed that side-swipe accidents are among the deadliest because side airbags are able to provide limited protection for drivers. The University of Michigan has also reported that side-impact crashes may be even more serious than front or rear impact accidents due to the fact that the car usually intrudes into the area where the passengers are and due to the fact that the vehicle’s side is not able to crumple to absorb any of the force of the impact.

When your car is hit from the front, your hood can crumple and take some of the pressure from the crash before the impact is absorbed by your body. The front airbags can also inflate and shield you from some of the force of the crash. Side airbags, on the other hand, don’t do a very good job of cushioning the blow when a side-impact crash occurs and the side of the car is just a thin sheet of metal that does little if anything to prevent you from feeling the full force of the crash.

Fortunately, the drivers of the vehicles in this crash were able to survive the accident despite these factors making side-impact collisions so risky. Still, injuries were sustained and it will be important to determine who was to blame for the accident so the injured victims can be compensated appropriately.

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