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Mobile Traffic Accidents in Focus as Allstate Looks at America's Safest Driving Cities

Car accident lawyers in Mobile know that avoiding traffic collisions should be the top priority for every motorist and fortunately it looks like drivers in Mobile have done a little better job this year.  Mobile has moved up on the list of the safest cities for drivers prepared each year by Allstate Insurance Company, earning a significantly higher place on this list.

However, there are still many places safer than Mobile, so there is still work to be done. Allstate provides some tips for drivers to reduce the risk of traffic collisions - and we could all use the reminder with the holidays just around the corner.

Mobile Moves Up on the List of Safe Cities

In late August, Allstate Insurance announced that it was releasing its 2013 Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report. This report has been compiled each year for the past nine years based on data from insurance claims made to Allstate.

Because Allstate insures around 10 percent of all drivers in the United States, its claims data is fairly representative of driver claims for accidents made throughout the United States.

This year, Mobile improved its position significantly on the list as compared with 2012. Mobile is number 24 on the list of the 200 safest cities released in 2013, moving up from number 36 on the 2012 report. While still not as safe as other locations in Alabama including Huntsville, Montgomery and Birmingham, this is a significant improvement from the prior year’s data.

Mobile earned its place as #24 because the average years between accidents for drivers in the area is 11.3.  This is not as good as the 13.9 average years between accidents in the safest city, Fort Collins CO, but is much better than the 4.8 years in Washington D.C., which has the distinction of being the least safest city on the list. Allstate data also shows that the relative likelihood of a motorist having an accident in Alabama is 11.3 percent lower than the national average.

This is good news for Alabama drivers, but Allstate has some advice to make the city even safer:

  • Knowing where you are going before you leave home. If you have directions and know where you are headed, you won’t be looking at GPS and map devices as much and can be better focused on the road. If you do get lost, pull over instead of trying to drive while figuring out where you are headed.
  • Planning ahead for traffic time. By making sure you leave yourself ample time to get to your destination, you won’t be inclined to tailgate or speed, both of which increase the risk of an accident.
  • Being alert. You may have to stop or slow for pedestrians and other vehicles and you want to be paying attention so you don’t hit anyone or anything.

Following these tips can help to make the streets of Mobile even safer and can help to continue the improvements made over the past year that have allowed Mobile to move up on the list of the cities safest for drivers.

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