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Snowy Driving Increases Teen Accident Risks in Baltimore

Winter is coming to Baltimore, Ellicott City, Clarksville and surrounding areas and this is bad news for drivers as the risk of a crash increases significantly when there is snow on the ground. While all drivers are at greater risk of getting into an accident when there is ice on the roads, teen drivers especially face significant dangers of getting into a traffic collision. winter-in-poland-1445158-1-m

A personal injury lawyer knows that teens are always more likely to become involved in a collision than older drivers. During the winter months, this risk is exacerbated. As the weather gets colder and the storms start brewing, now is the time for parents to talk to their kids about safe winter driving.

Helping Teens Avoid Winter Driving Collisions

Teenagers who get their license are at the greater risk of getting into a crash during their first six months of driving. According to Drive Steady, the risk of a crash during the first year of having a license is 10 times greater for a teen than for a more experienced driver who has had a license for longer. Many factors contribute to the higher risk of teen collisions, including inexperience; an inability to recognize hazards and respond appropriately; and overconfidence in driving abilities. All of these are big issues during the winter when teens may think they can handle snow and ice but really may make wrong choices that could directly lead to an accident.

Parents can help to mitigate the risk by taking some basic steps. Brand Connection has suggested a few things that parents can do to try to help their kids stay safe as they go into their first winter as licensed drivers. Parents should:

  • Get in some snowy driving practice. When there is snow or ice on the ground for the first time, parents should go with their kids to a parking lot where there is a lot of space. Parents can have their kids spin the car out in order to learn how to get back into control of the vehicle when it is sliding. parents can also go over safe braking and how to recognize when there is black ice on the ground.
  • Limit the time that kids drive when there is snow and ice. Sometimes, teens have to drive even if the weather is bad. When the trip is not absolutely necessary, though, parents should just say no to getting behind the wheel if there is ice on the ground or a storm predicted. Kids can wait to take non-essential trips until after the roads have been cleared.
  • Enroll their sons or daughters in a class designed to teach winter driving skills. Such classes are frequently offered at schools and as part of local driving education programs.

Car accidents remain a leading cause of fatalities for teens. By taking some extra precautions as bad weather arrives, parents may be able to reduce the chances that their sons or daughters will become involved in a collision during the cold weather months.

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