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Just how safe are drivers in Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C.?

Laws regulating auto accidents in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore might seem strict. But how tough are they? And how do they compare with other states nationwide?

A recent nationwide study gives a grade to each state for injury prevention. The top states nationwide for injury prevention are California and New York, which each received a score of 9 out of 10. Maryland was close behind with a score of eight. Washington, D.C., and Illinois each received a grade of seven. Alabama and Georgia earned a score of six.

The scores were based on 10 different injury prevention indicators. These include whether the state has a primary seat belt law, mandatory ignition interlocks for a convicted drunk driver, universal helmet laws for motorcycle riders, booster seat laws and regulations regarding bicycle helmet usage.

"There are proven, evidence-based strategies that can spare millions of Americans from injuries each year,” said Jeff Levi, Executive Director of The Trust for America's Health, which co-authored the study with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  "This report focuses on specific, scientifically supported steps we can take to make it easier for Americans to keep themselves and their families safer.”

Chicago drivers face all sorts of hazards every day. Just recently, four mothers died in a fatal auto accident in Chicago shortly before Mother’s Day when their vehicle hit a support column for an elevated Green Line track, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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Auto accidents can be complicated. Knowing what to do can confusing, including whether to file an auto accident lawsuit in Chicago.

Statistically, the roads in cities like Baltimore and Chicago might be safer than the streets in other states. But you live there and know just how hard it can be sometimes to avoid an auto accident.

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