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Report Details Auto Accident Death Rate Trends in the United States

Look at any newspaper and you’re likely to see a headline about a distracted driver accident. With dashboard GPS and connectivity systems in so many new car models, it seems that driver distraction is only getting more prevalent. Certain cities and states, however, are clearly doing something right to help reduce car accident fatal injuries.

According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration recent revision of their latest “Traffic Safety Facts” publication, many regions are showing drastically reduced auto accident fatality rates. In the District of Columbia, which has some of the country’s most dense traffic, collision deaths went down between 2009 and 2010 by a whopping 17%, from 29 to 24 fatalities. In Maryland, traffic crash fatalities dropped 10%, with 493 crash deaths in 2010 compared to 549 the previous year. And in Georgia, there was a 3.7% decrease in fatalities linked to car accidents, truck crashes and motorcycle wrecks overall, down from 357 in 2009 to 315 the following year.

In many states, however, the news was not good. For instance, Alabama’s motor vehicle accident deaths increased 1.7%, to 862 fatalities compared to 848 the year before. Illinois traffic deaths rose by 1.8%, from 911 to 927 deaths during that same time span.

Whether your area is showing a reduction or increase in auto wreck deaths, Chicago personal injury attorneys at the Mike Slocumb Law Firm urge all drivers to drive cautiously, particularly because of new in-dash technologies. It’s also important to remember that every area presents its own unique traffic hazards. In urban areas, rush hour traffic is often where rear-end crashes occur, while winding country roads and long stretches of highway are where auto accident injuries such as head-on brain or spinal cord injuries are more likely.

There are many factors that influence car accident causes. Nationally, the NHTSA report details accident statistics pertaining to everything from age to time of day. For instance, fatalities among motorcyclists 50 and older increased by 119, whereas motorcyclist fatalities for drivers under 50 declined by 84 deaths. Nighttime auto accident fatalities went down, which is a surprise, considering that poor visibility is always a risk on the road; of the 998 fewer total fatalities nationwide in 2010, there were 857 fewer fatalities in nighttime crash rates.

The study is a great resource for anyone considering moving to a new part of the country. It could be helpful in determining which cities or states may have safer roads, especially for families with child passengers and/or teen drivers. No matter where you are, drive safely.

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident or you lost a family member due to an auto crash wrongful death, you need a tough, reliable personal injury attorney on your side. Call Chicago personal injury lawyer Mike Slocumb at 1-800-WIN-WIN-1 or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation. We can help.

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