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Washington D.C. Pedestrian Accident Victims Face Post-Collision Challenges

Washington D.C. residents enjoy both walking and biking to work. According to the Washington Post, Washington ranks seventh in the nation for the popularity of commuting via bicycle and second in the nation when it comes to walking. Only Boston has more people who like walking to work.

Pedestrians, unfortunately, face serious risks if they are hit by a car.  The harm that a pedestrian experiences can go well beyond physical injuries endured. Being in a motor vehicle collision can change your life, and the New York Times recently published a report on the aftermath of the crash experience.  Victims of a pedestrian collision need to understand their legal rights, and pedestrian accident lawyers in Washington, DC can help those who have been harmed.

Pedestrian Accident Victims Face Lingering Challenges

The New York Times article on life after a pedestrian crash included stories from several staffers who had been hit by vehicles while walking in the city.  The author had been hit by a delivery truck, breaking his femur and pelvis. He was immobile and bedridden in the hospital after the collision. Treatment included surgery, blood transfusions and the insertion of an interior vena cava to stave off blood clots.

During his recovery period, he received a card from a friend who had been in a collision in the past. The card warned him that his life was unlikely to ever be the same.  The author agreed that this has been his experience, as he continues to have flashbacks to his accident when he sees a delivery truck in the city. He is also both more careful and more fearful when walking now, never stepping off the curb until the light has changed and always looking both ways multiple times before going across the road. He takes these steps even though he was crossing legally at the time his collision occurred.

Other New York Times staffers have had similar experiences. One described the pedestrian knockdown crash that she was in as one of the most frightening and most difficult things she had ever experienced.  Another said that although four years had passed since her pedestrian accident, she still became very fearful when crossing the road. She described continually looking over her shoulder as she crossed and feeling such an immense sense of panic if she thought a car was coming at her or didn’t see her.

The experiences that these pedestrian accident victims had are common reactions people have after being hurt in a motor vehicle collision. Often, too little attention is paid to the mental effects of the aftermath of a pedestrian crash, as headlines tend to focus on the terrible physical injuries or deaths that these accidents cause.

Victims of pedestrian accidents should be compensated not just for the medical treatment that their injuries necessitate, and not just for the time off of work. The physical, mental and emotional harm they endure is very real and drivers who cause pedestrian accidents should provide monetary damages for these losses.

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